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This is Glyn's major own brand of Flash storage media for industrial use. Only products configured according to stringent industrial standards and produced in accordance with our specifications are used for this brand.

Our products comply with the current specifications of the committees responsible for the definition of standards, to which GLYN belongs. Compliance is continuously being monitored by our modern measuring equipment.

Our customers are informed in good time of any changes (PCN / PDN). You will receive detailed documentation on all products. Customer-specific settings can be carried out directly by us at our own laboratories before delivery. Uploading your software is as much part of our range of services as individual design (label, print, engraving). When it comes to packaging, we can also offer you multiple solutions at fair prices.

As is the case with all GLYN products, you will be able to expect all the services rendered by a distributor, in addition to good warehousing.

At Xmore® you will also receive the following:

  • A product technically adapted to your specifications
  • Customer-specific solutions (e.g. own label / laser engraving)




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