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Complementary to Glyns excellence in Power Electronics we now offer solutions for Ultracapacitor/Supercapacitor requirements

Ultracapacitors in general have several advances over batteries: practically instant charging and discharging, efficient operation in extreme temperatures, extremely high power, high reliability, and safety. These are significant improvements in comparison to batteries due to storage of energy in an electric field, rather than in a chemical reaction. 

‚Äč1. EnyGy - Proud to support components DESIGNED AND MADE IN AUSTRALIA. Glyn is a global distributor

EnyGy's ultracapacitors present a significant advancement, notably enhancing energy density and power density, while simultaneously elevating reliability and minimizing internal resistance. Anticipated for a late 2024 launch, our revolutionary graphene-based ultracapacitors, known as enyGcell, are poised to potentially amplify energy density by up to twofold when compared to conventional activated carbon alternatives

We stock all the EngGy cells and you can buy them online here.

2. Skeleton Technologies.

Skeleton proprietary raw material, “curved graphene”, provides there ultracapacitors with an unparalleled advantage in power and energy density. Skeleton power energy savings with ultracapacitors in automotive, transportation, grid & renewables, maritime, industrial manufacturing, and material handling.

To learn more see here 

We have no plan to sell Skeleton on Glynstore due to the customised nature and high value of the solutions. Please therefore contact us directly so we can discuss your requirements on a case by case basis.




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