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LoRaWAN public networks operating in ISM bands will soon be available in Australia/NZ that operate similarly to cellular networks. LoRa also provides for private networks in that customers can own the network assets such as gateways/base-stations that we sell.

With the rapid interest and trialing of LoRaWAN in Australia and New Zealand we can now offer a wide range of modules, gateways, base stations and antennas aimed at Lora designs and integration.

Browse the IoTzone website for more documents/presentations here.....

Please consider the country and or network on which you plan to deploy when selecting the frequency.  We offer solutions for both 868MHz and 915MHz

Australia/USA - you must use 915MHz

Europe - you must use 868MHz

New Zealand - recommend you use 915MHz, speak to us about your application and business model as 868MHz is also legal and some modules are therefore an option 

Other markets - there are some other frequency requirements for other countries. Please check with us before purchasing if the equipment is designed or can be reflashed to support the specific requirements for that country or if indeed we have a solution not listed on our glynstore which could be used instead





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