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Cellular Network Analysers


Glyn is product to partner with Siretta to be the exclusive distributor for the Siretta Snyper range of Cellular Network Analysers.


Why would you use a SNYPER?

Surveying a Cellular network is a powerful way to allow engineers, project managers, developers to analyse, troubleshoot, and optimise IoT applications. By having a comprehensive view of network performance by capturing  network traffic, signalling, and radio frequency (RF) data that can determine the correct cellular application that is optimised for you.

So for example, if you were to develop an application that is part of a Smart City Eco-system, to readily obtain data to which Cellular network that works for your application is paramount.


  • Provide approximate base-station position information for all available networks
  • Store all survey results in a central location in the cloud
  • Recall survey results and compare results against each other
  • Label and categorize survey results
  • Dynamically show individual network technologies on a single map
  • Dynamically show network signal strength heat map
  • Automatically calculate network dominance for each saved survey
  • Display advanced network parameters visually for easy comparison


For those responsible for selecting a SIM provider this can raise different issues for different locations. Time is not always available to do constant testing, and analysis, so why not look to a signal strength analyser that can do the hard work for you and provides you with key operator information at the end of hours, or days, of continuous surveying in one location.



Cloud Survey

The CloudSURVEY portal allows you to export and save all of your cellular survey results from a compatible SNYPER and SENTRY product to your account in the cloud. The CloudSURVEY software has a host of features, allowing you to view approximate base-station positions on a map and determine the most suitable network for your application.

The CloudSURVEY portal simultaneously calculates the entire available network resources in the area where the survey was performed and displays the relative dominance of each mobile network operator. This allows you to make an informed decision about the optimal cellular network, taking into consideration network technology, network reliability, average signal strength, base-station position and network density.

The user can apply filters to adapt the results list and in addition, the portal has the ability to determine where your base-stations are located in relation to where your survey was performed. It can store all survey results in one central location with custom categories and individual survey labels for future identification.


The Siretta range of signal analysers are sophisticated yet easy to use from the SNYPER Handheld solutions to the embedded remote SENTRY. Depending on which solution you choose, 5G / LTE/ LTE Cat M / LTE Cat NBIoT /3G / 2G cellular technologies are covered. The SNYPER is a handheld, battery operated unit and can operate for several hours between charges (depending on use). It analyses all cellular signals from any network at any particular site being surveyed and displays the results in a simple and easy to understand format.


The SNYPER provides a summary of all the networks found in the area, their relative signal strengths and number of cells available. This information allows you to very quickly make a decision about the best network to use for your application in the area and to determine what options you have with regards to secondary backup networks. As a result this is an invaluable tool for performing site surveys and determine the best mobile network to use for your system.



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